Course Description

Are you overwhelmed by social media?

Do you need to have a better understanding of why you're using social media?

A few months ago, I felt overwhelmed and wanted to feel more organized. I wanted to feel like my time I was spending online was actually worth it and that it was helping to grow my business.

I took some time to plan and ended up creating this course for anyone who wants to save time and actually feel organized on social media. 

Would you like to learn:

- How to be more organized on social media?

- The best platform to use for your business?

- What to post on social media?

- How to develop your customer avatar so you know who you're speaking to on social media?

Leslie McDermid

Leslie McDermid is the owner of The Social Launch, a social media business that helps business owners save time and improve their online presence.Let's connect!

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to The Social Media Framework Course

    • Join the FREE Facebook group

    • VIDEO: You're in the right spot if....

    • VIDEO: What are we going to cover

    • VIDEO: Starting with the foundation

  • 2

    Why Are You Using Social Media?

    • TEXT: Pillar 1: Why Are you Using Social Media? Setting Goals

    • Goal Setting Guide

    • VIDEO: Pillar 1: Why Are you on Social Media, and Setting Goals

    • VIDEO: Goal 1: Brand Awareness

    • VIDEO: Goal 2: Increased database and leads

    • VIDEO: Goal 3: Increased Website Traffic

    • VIDEO: Goal 4: Increased Event Attendance

    • VIDEO: When Setting Goals


    • Numbers to Track

  • 3

    Who is Your Audience? Who Are You Speaking To?

    • VIDEO: Pillar 2: Who are you speaking to on social media?

    • VIDEO: Customer Avatar Example

    • ACTION STEP: Customer Avatar

    • WORKBOOK: Creating a Customer Avatar

  • 4

    Where Should You Post? What Platform is Best for Your Business

    • VIDEO: What Social Media Platform? Social media Audit

    • ACTION STEP: Social Media Audit

    • Editable Social Media Audit Template

    • PDF: Social Media Audit Blank

    • PDF Social Media Audit with examples

    • VIDEO: Pillar 3: What platform to use

    • ACTION STEP! Determine which platform to use

    • Social Media Demographics

  • 5

    What Content Are You Posting?

    • VIDEO: Pillar 4: What to post curating content

    • VIDEO: Pillar 4: What to post creating content

    • ACTION STEP: Content Calendar

    • Content Calendar

    • Editorial calendar overview

    • Social Media Planner 2017/2018

    • 50 Creative Social Media Post Ideas

  • 6

    BONUS: When to Post on Social Media

    • VIDEO: When to post on social media

    • VIDEO: Track, measure and revise