Course Description

Are you using social media, but aren't quite sure if you're using the platforms properly? 

Optimize your social media profiles for your business. 

This course covers everything you need to know to get set up, manage and optimize your social media accounts.

1. Social media overview

2. Facebook

Facebook set up, optimization, the best posts to share, how to schedule and tools to use, Facebook insights.

3. Twitter

Twitter set up, optimization, using hashtags, setting up and using lists.

4. LinkedIn

LinkedIn set up, optimization, published posts versus updates, groups

5. Instagram

Instagram set up, optimization, hashtags, micro-blogging, visual appeal

6. Pinterest

Pinterest set up, optimization, keywords

7. YouTube

Setting up your YouTube channel, adding proper channel art, creating effective thumbnails, adding video SEO

8. How to create a great visual for a social media post

Leslie McDermid

Leslie McDermid is the owner of The Social Launch, a social media business that helps business owners save time and improve their online presence.Let's connect!

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Welcome!

    • VIDEO What am I Going to Learn?

    • TEXT What Am I Going to Learn?

  • 2

    Social Media Platform Basics

    • VIDEO Walk-through of the main social media platforms

    • PDF Social Media Checklist: Before You Post

    • Social Media Strategy Overview

  • 3


    • Facebook Optimizer

    • CHECKLIST Facebook Page Optimization

    • Facebook Cover Image

    • Facebook Call-to-Action Button

    • Quick Facebook Check-In

    • Facebook Services Section

    • Facebook Insights

    • Facebook Reviews

    • Facebook Videos

    • Verify Your Facebook Page

    • Action Step!

  • 4


    • CHECKLIST Instagram Account Optimization

    • Overview: Main sections of Instagram

    • What to Post on Instagram

    • How to Find Hashtags to Use on Instagram

    • Instagram Stories

    • Instagram Check-In

    • Instagram Stories Boomerang and Superzoom

    • Consistency is Key

    • Instagram Filters

  • 5


    • Twitter Overview

    • CHECKLIST Twitter Profile Optimization

    • How and what to Tweet

    • Twitter Profile

    • Twitter Lists

  • 6


    • CHECKLIST Pinterest Profile Optimization

    • Pinterest Profile

    • Pinterest Groups

    • Creating Pinterest Boards

    • Pinterest Images

    • Code to Use to Add Custom Pinterest Image to Your Blog


    • Pinterest Scheduling

    • Pinterest Analytics

  • 7


    • CHECKLIST LinkedIn Profile Optimization

    • LinkedIn Overview

    • LinkedIn Profile

    • LinkedIn Published Posts

    • LinkedIn Adding Connections

  • 8


    • YouTube Overview

    • YouTube Uploading a Video

    • YouTube Custom Thumbnails

  • 9

    Creating Graphics for Social Media

    • VIDEO Creating Graphics for Social Media

  • 10


    • VIDEO Facebook and How to Optimize for Your Business

    • VIDEO Instagram for Business

    • VIDEO Twitter for Business

    • VIDEO Pinterest for Business

    • VIDEO LinkedIn for Business


5 star rating

Loved it. Thanks Leslie!!

jodi pavey

Taking Leslie's course, Social Media for Business, gave me great insight into tools and options in the social medias I use. I thought I knew a lot but she ga...

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Taking Leslie's course, Social Media for Business, gave me great insight into tools and options in the social medias I use. I thought I knew a lot but she gave useful tips and tricks into each one where I felt more informed than before. I believe this program offers a great introduction of each of the social medias and still gives informative details for regular user to take it a step further. Thanks Leslie for breaking it all down and giving me more information to help me grow my business.

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